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Our customized approach to your employee development needs provides high impact information that relates directly to the needs of the employee, department, and company.  We use a holistic approach to identifying the challenges you may be experiencing and tying a specific program which includes a prequalification process, roll out of a customized program, and follow up with support for enhanced success.  Our goal is to help you select the right tools and programs for your needs and ensure that employees are engaged and apply new learning, which will allow for greater success.  


We provide employee development in the following areas:


Leadership - Programs can be customized to meet the needs of up and coming managers, individuals currently in a management position, as well as executives that have been in leadership roles for some time. 


Sales - The root of all sales apporaches should be developing skills to understand how people behave and respond to you as an individual.  Our sales programs begin with concepts that relate to self understanding, relationship development, and a focus on improving your strategies in the sales process. 


Communication Skills - Development of your ability to communicate well is critical to the success of any individual in any role in your organization.  Our programs are tailored and fine-tuned to the needs of each department and individual and have an overall positive impact on the company.  


Teambuilding - Sometimes it is important to provide an opportunity for your employees to get to know one another, whether on a surface level or in a deeper and more meaningful way, in a fun but impactful way.  After an initial assessment of your need or desire to provide a teambuilding activity or program to your department or organization, we will select and customize a solution from over 150 options that meet any need team function and structure need.  


Train the Trainer - When providing any type of training to your employees, it is important to ensure the person in front of the room has the skills to communicate well, read the room, stay on task, and be able to transfer knowlege in a way that is efficient and effect.  Perhaps you are growing and are adding a trainer to your HR staff or need to provide effective training techniques to specific members of your staff.   Our customized train the trainer programs are right for you.  We provide a full course on utilizing successful and proven training techniques, practice training, and evaluation and observation services with feedback to the new trainer.   


For a consultation and customized solutions to your specific development needs, please call 480-266-6927.


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