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Rachel Bohl Lutowsky

Dynamic, engaging, and insightful are words clients use to describe Rachel’s facilitation and coaching style.  Clients appreciate her ability to understand issues and provide a unique focus and approach to consulting and coaching.


With over two decades of experience, Rachel has focused her talents on assisting organizations and individuals to maximize personal effectiveness through strategic planning, employee development and coaching through the use of tools and assessments. With expertise in management and executive coaching, instructional design, training, facilitation, and development at all levels of an organization, she has had the opportunity to work with companies in various industries. 


As the founder of Dynamic Leadership Solutions, Inc., Rachel believes that assessments, customized training and coaching are viable tools for employee growth and development.  She offers employee development solutions that enable organizations to develop service and leadership skills.  These solutions assist clients in creating a competitive advantage in the marketplace by maximizing each person’s contribution through professional and personal growth. 


Rachel is a Certified Professional Behaviors Analyst (CPBA), and a Certified Professional Motivators Analyst (CPMA). These certifications, awarded by TTI Success Insights on behalf of Target Training International, Ltd., recognize dozens of hours of training, education, and practical application of the history of behavioral models, including the DISC model, and behavioral knowledge based on validated, research-based instruments. They also recognize knowledge of the history of
motivators as developed by Eduard Spranger and TTI and the six hierarchies of human motivation and how they relate to communicating in the workplace and beyond.


Rachel also holds a Certified Technical Trainer designation as well as a Certified Facilitator certification. 


You may reach Rachel directly at or by calling 480-266-6927.  

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