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Our target market for Effectiveness Mentoring Program services is entrepreneurs, small and medium sized business owners, and middle and upper management.   


We apply a unique process of coaching and mentoring, paired with a research based assessment to help the client determine where they should focus energy during our 10 or 20 week programs.  Our approach is holistic and is concentrated on the individual and his or her personal needs as well as career goals and desires. 


Our coach/mentors commit to being a co-creative partner in helping you identify how you relate in your environment, what activities, roles, and projects gain inspire your best self.  Let us help you gain deeper insight into yourself and live the life you are meant to live.    


Some of the reasons people engage in our Effectiveness Mentoring Programs:


  • Challenges in career including lack of focus, passion, procrastination on projects, not moving forward in the manner in which they feel is beneficial;

  • A desire to dig deeper into his or her ability to manage and lead;

  • Assistance with setting goals;

  • Finding ways to manage self personally manage time, or manage stress;

  • Feeling unorganized and scattered in thought processes.  

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