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Comprehensive Solution Plans




Our philosophy to ensure success is to provide an assessment of development needs and create a customized approach to learning new skills.  When we approach training in a way that analyzes current knowledge and skills gaps, we can create employee development solutions that enable organizations to create the service and leadership skills necessary to succed.  These solutions assist clients in creating a competitive advantage in the marketplace by maximizing each person’s contribution through professional and personal growth. 


               We provide employee development in the following areas:



               *Communication Skills


               *Train the Trainer




People hire professional coaches for a number of reasons.  Some are looking for help setting goals and being more organized.  Others are interested in creating an effective time management system and stress management plan.  Most people that seek out a coach also want to understand their behaviors, attitudes, and skillsets needed to be successful in his or her roles.  Whatever your concerns, our unique focus and approach to coaching will help you clarify top priorities, create a customized system to get things done, and sustain desired results.  Our coaches commit to being a co-creative partner in helping you identify what matters most and assisting you in creating the life you want.  We are committed to your growth by holding you accountable to act on your goals.  Our diverse clientele includes entrepreneurs, presidents and CEO's, managers, supervisors, and entrepreneurs.  We provide a number of coaching packages to fit your individual needs.



Organizational Consulting


When you experience employee performance challenges, we can provide a system to identify efficient processes to meet your goals.  We can identify your current resources and uncover any stumbling blocks you may encounter that will hinder your department or organization from meeting its goals.  Our job matching tools, surveys, and training programs are designed to help you meet those goals.


Talent Selection


Finding the right talent has been an age-old challenge for most organizations.  Our goal is to help you determine the key focus of a specific position and use tools to hire the person that best fits that job. 


Additionally, we assist in the development of an on-boarding process that will increase the success of retaining those key performers.  

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